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The official vodka
of cleaner oceans

OVO Vodka

40% Alc. by Vol. | 750ML


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OVO Vodka is a new ultra-premium, gluten-free vodka that empowers those who enjoy it to help cleanse Our Five (V) Oceans simply by enjoying a drink.

OVO is reinventing how the world drinks vodka

Each drop purchased goes towards cleaning up the world’s oceans by removing harmful plastics, one drink at a time. Working towards creating new industry standards and ending damaging cycles, OVO is dedicated to disrupting the industry by making some of the best tasting vodka and leaving the world better than we found it.

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OVO Vodka is made from 100% high-grade American corn which is distilled 6 times for a purer distillate then filtered with activated charcoal for a clean, refined, ultra premium taste. That’s our fancy way of saying that it’s unbelievably smooth, delicious, and gluten-free.

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